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    Lost, Lost, Lost (Jonas Mekas, 1976)

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  2. Jeune et Jolie (2013)

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  3. home of  french ceramic artist marguerite ‘guidette’ carbonell (1910-2008) World of Interiors Oct 07

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    CHANEL haute couture Fall 2014

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    "Île de la mode" Sasha photographed by Michael Thompson for W 2007

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  7. thinking of getting back into the ebay game

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    Jessica White wearing Christian Dior, FW01

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    Jenny Saville (British, b. 1970), Closed Contact #5, 1995-97. Cibachrome print in artist’s frame, numbered 1/6 + 3 APs, framed: 182 x 182 cm.

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  10. awritersruminations:

    A mother looks at another—
    a sea of small bodies
    burnt or decapitated
    around them—
    and asks,
    How do we mourn this?

    —Nathalie Handal, “Tiny Feet

  11. letterheady:

    Ginger Rogers, 1948 | Source

    The personal stationery of American actress Ginger Rogers, who was born on this day in 1911. 

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  13. Helene Filliers for Self Service magazine

  14. *claims it against expenses anyway to write it off tax*

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  15. the true school, black magazine blk log

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