1. Helene Filliers for Self Service magazine

  2. *claims it against expenses anyway to write it off tax*

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  3. the true school, black magazine blk log

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    Camille Henrot

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    Stef Van Der Laan for Transmission magazine, Fall/Winter 2013-14.

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    backstage at maison martin margiela couture fall 2014

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    Olga Rozanova, Color Painting (Non-Objective Composition), 1917

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    me at any bar/club

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    Rosemary Ferguson for Miu Miu Spring 1994 photographed by Corinne Day

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    Scarborough College, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, 1963-66

    (John Andrews)

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  13. At the Stella McCartney-designed Chloe autumn/winter 2001-02 show, she took a front row seat next to Jefferson Hack – the co-founder of Dazed & Confused - who she had recently started to date. With her gamine crop and monochromatic look, Moss channelled a modern version of Sixties London chic.

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